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On the issues…

*Accountability- Being a board member of a publicly funded department accountability very crucial. From the way the board spends the tax payer’s money to following the policy manual set in place. The public has to have faith in the board that they are being financially responsible with the funds and are following the policies.  


*Getting our department up and running again- Calfire contract is a great foundation for Lockwood. But we need to build on it. We need volunteers who would respond from Lockwood stations. This is very important as every 5 years ISO conducts a survey. During this time our ISO ratings can change if we fall below the required standards for our current rating. Our review is coming within the next 2 years. If our ISO rating changes there might be a possibility of homeowner's insurance rate increases or even cancellation or non-renewed policies.


My ideas…


Lockwood Fire Protection District board of directors is made up of 5 individual people. They all bring something unique to the table. These are my ideas I would like to bring to the table.


Ideas 1… Restructuring of the department- to rebuild you must first restructure. To do this we must start at the bottom and work up. First I think it is very important to review and revise Lockwood’s policies and procedures to current industry standards. This will allow the department t have a clear, in writing guidance.  


Idea 2… Rebuilding the department- As Chief Withrow said it best, the cooperative agreement between Lockwood and Cal fire is a big advantage for our Department. It would take over $800,000 a year to staff the station for 24/7. Lockwood’s average call volume a years is roughly 250 calls. 24/7 staffing is not justifiable for our call volume. I think in rebuilding the department should start with finding a volunteer chief. Who then can recruit volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of Lockwood as they would aide Cal Fire in our calls.


Idea 3… Planning for the future- Set up a plan, starting with immediate need followed with a one year to five year plan or even longer if needed.  Very important would be to inventory all equipment. This will give a time table of what is needed to be replaced or repaired. Knowing the expiration dates of all equipment will allow us to be able to budget yearly to ensure all Lockwood equipment is fully operational.  Also look into getting a consulting firm to come in and review our ISO rating. See if they have any recommendation on how we can reduce our rating.

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