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Jolene Mittelstadt is absolutely the best candidate to fill the LFPD Board of Directors position. I have over 20 years of experience in the fire service and have not met someone so dedicated and passionate or with such genuine honesty and integrity in a long time. She believes in ensuring the department has quality, up-to-date equipment along with quality training for the volunteer firefighters in order to provide our residents the absolute best services available. She believes in a strong, stable department which includes full transparency and accountability for all. She has the experience that it takes, a passion and dedication to the department, and a love for her community. Jolene is the best person for the Board of Directors position; my family and I stand behind Jolene 100%.

— Debbie Daniels

Jolene would be so beneficial to the board and helping to restructure Lockwood Fire. She brings integrity, honesty and the experience necessary to restore the department. She believes in accountability and transparency, which are qualities that are sorely needed at Lockwood. She is community minded and is passionate about doing what is right for our district and the people within it. She is the best candidate for Lockwood Fire Board of Directors. — Sabrina Gutzman

Jolene Mittelstadt, without a doubt, is the most qualified candidate to fill the vacant position on the Lockwood Fire Protection District board of directors. She offers experience and thoughtful insight that is key during this pivotal time for Lockwood. She best understands the operations of emergency services in this community and the issues it faces. I know Jolene will aggressively pursue the best use of taxpayer funds and ensure transparency to the citizens of this district. I’ve known Jolene for the past 10 years, having served with her husband Kris on Lockwood during that time. I can personally attest to the fact that she values accountability, integrity, and dedication; all values that are desperately needed if Lockwood is to function as a fire district. It is for these reasons that I enthusiastically endorse Jolene for the position of board director for the Lockwood Fire District. — Brandon McGee

Firefighters for Mittelstadt — Kris Mittelstadt

I truly believe that with Jolene in office, Lockwood can grow and be a great department. Jolene has the best interest for this community. To tell the truth, the Transparency, and Honesty, With Jolene in office all the Frivolous spending will stop. Joleane will insist in doing background checks on all volunteers in the future. — America Rees

Committee to Elect Jolene Mittelstadt
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